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  • From Start menu:

    1. On the Start menu, click Satin Damen Wei Brautschuhe Elegantpark HC1802 Gr 7CM Pumps Spitze Bequeme Blockabsatz Hochzeit 41 All Programs, then click Telerik and then click Reporting R3 2018.

    2. Click Report Designer R3 2018.

    3. The Standalone Report Designer opens and you can create or open a report.

  • From another desktop application:

    To start the Standalone Report Designer from another .NET desktop application you have to use the .NET Framework Process.Start Method. Optionally the Standalone Report Designer accepts argument path to report document, that you may want to open with the report designer. To provide a report definition for editing in the report designer use Schwarz Black Duty Sanita 42 Closed Erwachsene San 2 Unisex O2 Workwear Clogs p8z7pHwRq.

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  • All the buttons in the toolstip, placed at the lower left corner of the designer, are designed to ease you in your Report Designing experience.

    They toggle various different options that help in aligning, snapping and stretching the report items and also adjust different designer settings.

    • Zoom - the combo box enables you to easily specify the zoom percentage in which you see the design surface. You can do that by holding the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to zoom as well.

    • Show/hide the snap grid button switches on or off the displayed snap grid. The snap grid provides a set of horizontal and vertical gridlines that — when you drag an object on the design surface — will Satin Elegantpark HC1802 41 Brautschuhe Gr 7CM Damen Bequeme Wei Blockabsatz Pumps Hochzeit Spitze snap or pull towards the closest vertical or horizontal gridlines. Objects can also snap to column and row dividers within a grid panel. Here is a workspace showing the snap grid turned on:

    • Turn on/off snapping to gridlines - this option allows you to drag objects on the design surface and have them snap to the grid lines shown on the designer surface. The snapping will be applied regardless of the visibility of the snap grid.

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    • Turn on/off snapping to snaplines - when this option is enabled, it allows you to drag objects on the design surface and snap them to the margins or alignment lines (red dashed line) of other objects within the same container element such as a layout panel, column and row dividers in a grid panel. If a container has padding applied, it will be taken into account when snapping an object inside the container.

    • Show/Hide Dimensions - when enabled, the designer will show the distances from the currently selected object to the nearest elements.

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    • Show/Hide watermarks - if enabled, the report watermarks will be shown in the designer. Note that the displayed watermarks are just for a reference and their contents may not look the same as when rendered.

    • Turn On/Off Pan - this option allows you to switch between drag and pan mode in designer. When enabled, the cursor is changed to a hand and clicking and dragging on the designer surface will move the report contents. This tool is useful when working on higher zoom levels.

  • Show/Hide the report MiniMap - In the lower-right corner of the design surface, click Show MiniMap. This element is especially useful when you have zoomed the report and want to focus on a specific element. To hide the map, click on the design surface to have it closed.

  • Change the alignment of an element

    Alignment determines how an element resizes. For example, a left aligned element stretches to the right as the parent layout container gets resized.

    To change the alignment of an element use the Layout toolbar and do one of the following:

    41 Satin Hochzeit Bequeme Blockabsatz Wei HC1802 Brautschuhe Pumps Damen Gr Elegantpark 7CM Spitze

    • Select two report items and change their HorizontalAlignment by clicking Left , Center , Right , or Stretch .

    • Select two report items and change their VerticalAlignment by clicking Top , Center , Bottom , or Stretch .

    You can also change alignment by moving an element on the design surface.

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